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Hello, my name is Jennifer Altman. Welcome to my website about construction practices. When I was a young kid, I would go down the block to the nearby construction site and watch the workers perform their jobs. I was fascinated by the equipment and practices used to erect large buildings in such a short time. Since that period in my life, I have continued to learn all I can about the construction field. I created this site to share that knowledge with my readers and help everyone better understand the practices used in the construction field. Thanks for visiting my site. Please come back again soon.

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4 Tips For Caring For Wood Flooring To Prevent Problems With Scratches, Stains, And Discoloration

If you want to have elegant and attractive floors installed in your home, you may choose to use wood flooring materials. The thing about wood floors is that they can easily become damaged with scratches, stains, and discoloration. If you know how to deal with these problems, your wood floors will last longer with fewer blemishes. Here are some tips to care for wood floors and prevent the unsightly damage.

1. Routine Cleaning and Waxing to Protect the Surface of Wood Floors

Before you allow your floors to become damaged, you want to make sure that you take care of them. This means that you should routinely clean the floors and wax them to give the wood a protective coat to protect against scratches and stains. When you clean your floors, make sure to use a wood floor cleaning product and use little water to avoid leaving watermarks and unsightly stains.

2. Buffing Scratches That Are Only Surface Deep and Do Not Require A New Finish

Sometimes, the damage to your floors may only be on the surface. There are options to restore your floors without completely refinishing them. If the problem is just a few scratches or light blemishes, then buffing the floors may be the best solution to restore the floors and give them a new life.

3. Refinishing Floors to Deal with Stains and Scratches or Change Color of Floors

Refinishing floors is something else that may need to be done to deal with floors that have damage. Sometimes, wood floors can get scratched and stained, and buffing is not enough to repair the damage. When this happens, you will want to have the floors sanded and refinished to remove the damage and give them a new look. This is something that can also be done if you want to change the look of your wood floors.

4. Complete Wood Floor Restoration and Refinishing When There Is Major Water Damage

Sometimes, the damage to wood floors can be severe due to issues like water damage. When there are excessive repairs that need to be done to floors, you will need to have a complete floor restoration done. This will involve completely stripping the floors, doing repairs to damaged wood, and applying a new finish to make floors look like new again.

These are some tips to help deal with wood floors and care for them to prevent the unsightly damage. If you need help with the installation or finishing of wood floors, contact a professional wood flooring service like New York Hardwood Floors for help with caring for the floors in your home.