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Hello, my name is Jennifer Altman. Welcome to my website about construction practices. When I was a young kid, I would go down the block to the nearby construction site and watch the workers perform their jobs. I was fascinated by the equipment and practices used to erect large buildings in such a short time. Since that period in my life, I have continued to learn all I can about the construction field. I created this site to share that knowledge with my readers and help everyone better understand the practices used in the construction field. Thanks for visiting my site. Please come back again soon.

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3 Easy Steps To Deciding On Your New Siding Colors

Your home is seriously lacking in curb appeal, and it needs new siding. How do you go about choosing a siding color that will actually look good, though? Here are three steps to picking a palette that will result in a house exterior makeover you'll be proud of.

What Kind Of Architectural Style Does Your Home Have?

Everyone has seen pastel-colored adobe stucco homes. Old Victorians are commonly referred to as "painted ladies" because of their tendency to have no fear of bold, bright colors or shades of muted pinks, lavenders, blues, and yellows. Frank Lloyd Wright and Craftsman homes tend to take their palette from nature, with rich taupes and greens and reds. Looking on Pinterest for your home style can help give you some ideas on what color combinations others are using for similarly styled homes.

Take Several Pictures Of Your Home

Head outside with your camera or cell phone and snap some pictures of your entire house. You want to have the whole house in each shot, so stand back far enough. Take at least one from each side and angle.

Use An App

Once you have your photos, hop on the world wide web and use one of the paint manufacturer's apps to "try on" paint colors. Even though you will be siding your home rather than painting, you can still experiment with different color combinations and get a feel for the look they will give. Plus, you'll likely need paint for your trim work and shutters. Additionally, some siding manufacturers also now offer similar apps.

Play around with using two different siding colors, too. For example, a classic Foursquare often looks best with the upper level done in a different color than the lower level as it breaks up the monotony. You may also want to talk to your siding contractor about using two different kinds of siding, such as cedar shake in upper alcoves, vertical cladding for the back of the home, and regular siding for the remainder of the house. Even a single story ranch home can become more interesting with the right mix of textures and colors. Once you have chosen the siding, choose the trim colors. You may even want to play around with changing the shade of the roof if you know a new roof is also in your future. When you have decided on two or three different combinations, print the designs. You can look at them for a few days, seek other's opinions, and check out the rest of your neighborhood before settling on the one that speaks to you the most. Consult with siding contractors for more information.